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Capital Campaign for the Bismarck Cancer Center

 The demand for cancer treatment is growing and is project to increase even more. The Bismarck Cancer Center is currently unable to accomodate this growth without action. This need has sparked a new initiative for the Cancer Center to expand space and invest in necessary medical equipment. 

The estimated cost of this initative is $16M. The Center will cover most of the cost through past savings and investments, leaving the remaining $6M. We are inviting individual donors, local businesses and foundations to join us in our mission to fight cancer. 


To our goal

Dear Friends of the Bismarck Cancer Center,

We recently teamed up with the Steier Group, a development consulting company, to lead us through a feasibility study. Their goal was to determine the community’s level of support for BCC to move forward with an expansion project that will improve radiation oncology care for this region. It was essential for us to know how the community felt about the importance of this project.

We received an incredible response from the community, feedback that is extremely beneficial as we look to BCC’s future. The feedback the Steier Group provided showed an overwhelming level of support. Based on the study’s positive results, the Steier Group recommended to the BCC Board of Trustees, representing Sanford Health Bismarck and CHI St. Alexius Health, that BCC move forward with a capital campaign.

In the next few weeks and months, we will be providing more information about the Center’s initiatives and future planning. An overview of the survey results is available through the Planning Study Results link.

Once again, it’s our privilege to continue to serve the cancer community in our region. Thank you to everyone who provided input. It’s critical to ensuring our upcoming campaign’s success.


Amy Gross, Executive Director
Bismarck Cancer Center

Planning Study Results

Outside view

REACH Counseling Room

Treatment Room

Meeting Room

Observations of feasibility study
  • Participants feel the demand is strong and the Center needs to move forward with this initiative to help more people.
  • Based on the work the Center does for the community, and the staff, the respondents favorably support the BCC expansion.
  • Respondents do indicate a concern for COVID-19 and the subsequent economic effect. However, interview respondents do not believe it will prevent the Cancer Center from having a successful campaign.
  • The mission of the Center and the need for the initiative to best serve patients and their families will contribute to the success of this project.
  • Click here for a report summary. 
Capital Campaign Committee
Volunteer Name Role
Amy Gross Chair
Sara Kelsch Chair
Mayor Steve Bakken Honorary Chair
Renee Daffinrud General Chair
John Evanson General Chair
David Wald General Chair
Loren Balkowitsch Committee Member
Wayne Beutler Committee Member
Mike Bormann Committee Member
Deb Colton Committee Member
Andrea Doerr-Greff Committee Member
Lolly Dutton Committee Member
Dale Ely Committee Member
Dana Hager Committee Member
Duey Johnson Committee Member
Andrea Kilzer Committee Member
Melissa Klein Committee Member
Dr. Cole Kreofsky Committee Member
Patty Mathisen Committee Member
Paul Morth Committee Member
Dr. Robert Reynolds Committee Member
Tara Schilke Committee Member
Holly Steier Committee Member
Paul Stubbs Committee Member
Angie Svihovec Committee Member
Tina Wetzel Committee Member
Jill Wiese Committee Member
Linn Zander Committee Member
Steier Group Development Counsel 
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Fundraising Goals

Since 2007, new patients at the Bismarck Cancer Center have increased by 70%.

New Bismarck Cancer Center patients are expected to increase an extra 30% by 2030.

The Board of Trustees, comprised of leaders from CHI St. Alexius Health and Sanford Health, along with Cancer Center leadership have determined an expansion is necessary. Because of foresight and past savings from leadership, the Bismarck Cancer Center has already saved $10 million for this project.

The goal of the Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign is to raise an additional $4 million to bring the total cost of the project to $14 million.

A Triumph Goal of an additional $2 million will help with the future replacement of aging medical equipment.

Project Goals

The finished project will:

Provided much-needed space through the construction of a second floor and renovation of the first floor, including:

  • Three new exam rooms
  • One special procedure room
  • Expanded massage therapy room
  • Expanded conference room for education and support groups
  • Two family counseling rooms
  • Onsite cancer registry
  • Dedicated HRD (High Dose Rate Brachytherapy) Suite
  • Expanded patient registration space

The project will add medical equipment, including:

  • A third linear accelerator (treatment machine)
  • A second CT scanner for additional specialized treatment


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Contact Us

We are excited to share the Bismarck Cancer Center’s story with the community. Please contact Dana for more information or details on the Capital Campaign. 

Dana Hager, Committee Member
500 N 8th Street | Bismarck ND 58501
Phone: 701-222-6145