Radiation oncology nurses at the Bismarck Cancer Center work closely with our physicians, radiation therapists and dosimetrists to provide high quality care for our patients and their families during the course of treatment. The nurse helps to evaluate the patient before treatment begins and explains possible side effects that may be experienced during treatment and how to manage them. In addition, they assess how each patient is doing throughout treatment and help them cope with any changes they may be experiencing. They also provide support, education and resources to all BCC patients and their families. Nurses play a key role in educating the patient about treatment and side effects.

Tara, Director of Nursing

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2009
Previous Experience: Oncology Nurse, St. Alexius Medical Center
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Jamestown College

She first became motivated to work in the cancer field in knowing she would help affect the lives of so many, making a positive difference. She sees patients benefiting from services and programs that she helped create; it’s reward enough to move forward to the next project. Her favorite part of working at BCC is daily making a difference in the lives of local cancer patients. She is incredibly proud of the remarkable team she works with at BCC and for what they do each day for their patients.

Julie, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2014
Previous Experience: Altru Hospital, Medcenter One
Education: BSN Nursing from Medcenter School of Nursing and Master’s Degree in forensic nursing from Duquesne University

Julie is dedicated to helping patients through their cancer journey with a positive attitude and outstanding care. Her career path in nursing was an easy choice; she loves to help others.

Nichole, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2011
Previous Experience: St. Alexius
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Mary 

Working at BCC is like working with family; Nichole finds the staff to always have very positive attitudes. Her most memorable experience with BCC is having worked Applefest 2012. Nichole’s heroes are the cancer survivors who continue to be inspirational to her. 

Jen, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2011
Previous Experience: Same Day Surgery 
Education: BSN Nursing and BA psychology from UND

Jen finds working in oncology rewarding, since patients undergoing treatment at BCC tend to demonstrate positive attitudes, strength and integrity. She’s inspired and amazed each day as she works with caring, compassionate people. She finds her co-workers going the ‘extra mile’ to keep the best interests of the patients in mind. Jen’s most memorable experiences at BCC are those relationships developed as she works alongside her patients. 

Kelsee, Registered Nurse

 Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2017
Previous Experience: Cardiac & Telemetry Nurse, Sanford Health
Education: RN, BSN from MedCenter One College of Nursing

Kelsee is inspired by the kind and caring attitudes of her co-workers and enjoys seeing how everyone at the BCC interacts with patients on a daily basis.

Kelsee’s favorite event is Bucks for Bras, where she helps her family (Bucks Borrowed Roadhouse owners) raise money for the Foundation. Kelsee enjoys getting to know the patients she is fortunate to work with and feels blessed to be able to help them through their cancer treatments and beyond.

Jill, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2004
Previous Experience: St. Anthony Central Hospital, St. Alexius Hospital and Sanford
Education: LPN from NDSSS Wahpeton, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from MedCenter One School of Nursing 

Jill’s older sister Barb Wild passed away in 2003 of breast cancer; her death makes Jill strive to make a difference in any way she can in the journey of cancer patients. Her most memorable experience at BCC happened years ago when a patient drove to Bismarck twice a day for treatments (100 miles each way = 400 miles each day. One afternoon she phoned to say she couldn’t make it back for her afternoon treatment due to not having enough money for gas. Jill recalls all of the staff reaching into their pockets and purses to chip in to help her make the trip, giving her an envelope of cash when she arrived. 

Sarah, Survivorship Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2012
Previous Experience: Nurse at St. Alexius, St. Gabriel’s
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from MedCenter One College of Nursing

Sarah began her nursing career and quickly fell in love with the oncology patients because of the difference in the patients from those fighting other illnesses. She sees a quiet, courageous fierceness within them that is specific to cancer patients. The strength and faith she gleaned is enough to keep her in the field for years to come. Her favorite part of working at BCC is getting to know the patients. She recognizes each person as having a unique set of talents and interests; she learns something new every day.

Corina, Survivorship Nurse/Tobacco Treatment Specialist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2014
Previous Experience: CHI St. Alexius Health
Education: RN, BSN from MedCenter One College of Nursing

Corina worked in the beauty and spa industry for 12 years, but began volunteering to work with cancer patients in 2000 in order to help women going through cancer. When she moved back to North Dakota from Colorado, she went back to school to be an oncology nurse and ended up at BCC in order to continue helping patients with cancer. The thing  Corina has enjoyed most is all of is the learning that takes place. She is constantly challenged to learn new things while teaching patients about their side effects  for their overall well-being. She loves that BCC’s support teams work together to support patients and their families to promote a better quality of life.

Karli, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2020
Previous Experience: CHI, St. Alexius Hospital and Sanford Health
Education:  Rasmussen College, Moorhead, MN

Karli was motivated to be a part of the Bismarck Cancer Center team after her grandfather went through treatment and care at the BCC. She saw first-hand how the BCC cared for their patients and wanted to be a part of that. She is passionate about the BCC Foundation and what they do to help patients through such a difficult time. When Karli is not working, you can find her driving a grain cart on the family farm or taking photos of the beautiful North Dakota countryside. 

Andrea, Registered Nurse

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2020
Previous Experience: Nurse at Sanford Same-Day Surgery
Education: Bachelor of Science in Nursing from North Dakota State University

Andrea served as a nurse at the Washburn Clinic and served as an EMT on the Washburn Ambulance. She is looking forward to establishing relationships with patients while helping them through their cancer journey of treatment and healing. 

Andrea’s days are full of kids and activities, but she still manages to find time to support the BCCF’s events including Applefest and Bucks for Bras.