Dvorak Motors Gives to the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Capital Campaign

The team at Dvorak Motors felt that donating to the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign went hand-in-hand with their strong commitment to the community.

Dvorak Motors owner, Delayne Dvorak, says it’s nice to know there’s quality cancer care close to home. “Having the Bismarck Cancer Center in our community is so important. They are a state-of-the-art treatment facility right here in our very own backyard,” he says. “Having opportunities to grow and treat more patients with this expansion is wonderful news and great for the surrounding communities in which it will serve.”

The expansion will provide much-needed space through the construction of a second floor and renovation of the first floor. Dvorak says they are passionate about helping those with the disease because cancer has affected so many people in our community. “The Bismarck Cancer Center’s employees are truly amazing people that are full of hope and joy to all of those around them.  All of our friends and family that have walked through your doors have been blessed to have such a caring staff beside them.”

American Bank Center pledges $25,000 to the Future of Regional Cancer Care

American Bank Center’s main priority is helping their local communities and support local institutions. Supporting the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign aligns perfectly with their commitment to the Bismarck community.

American recently pledged $25,000 towards the Capital Campaign, and soon the American Bank Center name will be placed on two patient exam rooms when the expansion is complete. According to Regional Bank President Kevin Dykema, the money will go towards a much-needed cause in the Bismarck community. “We find it important to contribute to a great organization that has touched so many people in our communities and around the region,” he says. “Bismarck Cancer Center goes far beyond the medical treatments necessary for their patients, and the wrap-around services they provide are so important to those who are going through a challenging time in their lives. The treatment and care that the Bismarck Cancer Center employees provide is second to none as they go the extra mile to assist their patients through the difficult journey they are on.”

The Bismarck Cancer Center’s Capital Campaign has raised over $1.6 million from outside donations since November. The expansion will consist of a new HDR (High Dose Rate Brachytherapy) suite, new exam rooms, expanded massage therapy room, large conference room for education and support groups, a special procedure room, two family counseling rooms, and expanded patient registration space.

With cancer cases on the rise, Dykema feels now is the time to make much-needed improvements at the Cancer Center. “Unfortunately, all of us have been impacted by cancer either personally, through one of our family members, co-workers, or a friend,” he says. “It will continue to bring additional people to our communities and region who need care. This expansion and additional capacity to treat patients will help showcase the wonderful health care providers and facilities that we have in the Bismarck-Mandan area.”

First International Bank Pledges $50,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign

First International Bank & Trust has always focused on caring for their communities. When they heard the Bismarck Cancer Center wanted to expand their services with additional space and a new treatment machine, they knew they wanted to be a part of it.

The Bismarck Bank’s President, David Mason, said they appreciate the fact that the Bismarck Cancer Center puts their best foot forward to care for those fighting cancer. “We are thankful for Bismarck Cancer Center’s desire to expand services in our region and consider it a privilege to be a part of this campaign,” he said. “Thanks to the Bismarck Cancer Center, we see that forward-thinking and focus on being the best as a daily example on how they serve members in our community.

The donation follows a significant fundraising effort for the Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign to expand the first floor and add a second floor to the Bismarck Cancer Center. According to Mason, First International feels that this expansion will allow Bismarck Cancer Center to continue to provide world-class services to our neighbors and communities. “At First International Bank and Trust, our vision is to have all customers feel like family. I am so appreciative to witness a team of folks working at Bismarck Cancer Center also demonstrate this vision to their patients,” said Mason. “The expansion and equipment are simply adding more tools for the great team at Bismarck Cancer Center to use to continue to care for patients like they are family.”

The capital campaign has raised nearly $1.7 million so far from outside donations. 

Dale Pahlke Donates $100,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign

Dale Pahlke, President of Dakota Community Bank and Trust (DCB&T), has helped raise thousands of dollars for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation over the years. He’s made donations, served as an auctioneer at special events, and participated in many of the Cancer Center’s events.  But, when Pahlke decided to personally donate $100,000 to the BCC’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign, after DCB&T had already pledged $250,000 to the project, everyone at the Bismarck Cancer Center was truly overwhelmed!

“We are so grateful for Dale’s continued support of our efforts,” said Executive Director Amy Gross. “While Dale has so generously supported the Foundation and our wrap-around services over the years, his commitment to helping us increase access to cutting-edge technology is more important than ever!  His gift will ensure that residents in our region will have the best cancer care, close to home.”

The donation will help fund the $14 million project that started last fall with the construction of the second floor and renovation of the first floor. According to Pahlke, the expansion will allow the Bismarck Cancer Center to continue to provide the best cancer treatment possible in our area.

“We have both staff and customers who have had radiation treatments at Bismarck Cancer Center,” he says, “The renovation will provide the best radiation treatment available to our communities and will continue to draw patients from all over ND. People will come to Bismarck-Mandan for great care, a friendly community to do business in, as well as create more new jobs in our community.”  Pahlke’s name will proudly be placed on the new 2nd-floor waiting room once construction is finished.

Schaaf Donates $100,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign

In January 2021, long-time Dakota Community Bank employee, Cindy Schaaf, stepped forward with an enormous gift for the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Capital Campaign. The Cancer Center has identified the expansion as a much-needed space with a second floor construction and a new treatment machine as the next critical need for the region.

With the goal of raising an additional $2 million, a celebratory goal of $4 million, the philanthropic support that would be required to make the project happen was a stretch. But, with the support of individuals like Schaaf, that dream is becoming a reality. “It’s a way for me to help others who need help,” says Schaaf. “I know the Bismarck Cancer Center always has the patients in their best interest, and that makes me comfortable knowing the donation is being used for what’s important to the cancer community.”

Schaaf feels that cancer is an insidious disease that inflicts damage on individuals along with their families.  She knows that her financial support of $100,000 would make a difference not only to the Bismarck community but the region. “Having state-of-the-art equipment and extra space will help the Bismarck Cancer Center treat more patients, it will better the patients quality of life, and save more lives,” she says. “The Bismarck Cancer Center has helped so many people that may not have been able to receive help.  Anytime a community can have a facility like this, it helps everyone come together.” 

Schaaf’s name will be placed on the new REACH Counseling Room (Resources, Educate, Advocacy, Care, and Hope) when the renovation is complete.

Cottingham Insurance Pledges $30,000 to the Capital Campaign

Cottingham Insurance stepped forward with a $30,000 donation to the Capital Campaign and is sponsoring one of the patient changing rooms at the Bismarck Cancer Center.  The owners at Cottingham Insurance Agency, Jessica Cottingham-Hardy and Amanda Haseleu, are passionate about helping their community when in need.  Haseleu says, “We are committed to helping our friends and neighbors when we are able. Most people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime whether it be a personal diagnosis or that of a friend or relative.”

The Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation offers supportive services, free of charge, that are designed to wrap patients in support and understanding. Services such as patient housing, gas cards, nutrition counseling, spiritual therapy, survivorship counseling, and more help alleviate unnecessary stress and financial burdens at the Cancer Center and is a motivating factor in Cottingham’s support. “We feel that the Bismarck Cancer Center does a great job of supporting both patients and caregivers through the cancer journey,” says Haseleu. “They do the physical treatments needed of course, but also focus on the mental health aspect and other factors that could easily be overlooked.”

The Cottingham Insurance team also feels the larger facility and extra treatment machine will be beneficial for the Bismarck community and surrounding areas. “As more people are diagnosed with various forms of cancer, more support and treatment options are needed,” adds Haseleu. “More space and equipment means more individuals can be treated with shorter wait times and less stress as well.”

Farmers Union Insurance Supports the Bismarck Cancer Center with a $25,000 Donation

One of Farmers Union Insurance’s missions is building stronger communities. The company does this by donating thousands of dollars a year to various non-profits throughout North Dakota and the areas they serve.  By helping health care systems and area non-profits like the Bismarck Cancer Center, Farmers Union feels that they are accomplishing their goal.  According to Chief Sales, Marketing & Brand Officer, Kevin Ressler, the insurance company intends to strengthen communities through these donations. “Our mission at Farmers Union Insurance is to build robust health care systems and strong communities in rural America to support our goal.”

Farmers Union Insurance has a passion for the Bismarck Cancer Center’s mission to deliver the best cancer care in the region because cancer touches the lives of so many.  “One in three women and two in three men will deal with cancer at some point in their lifetime, which will require substantial travel, and the care for the illness can be financially devastating to many,” says Ressler. “Organizations like the Bismarck Cancer Center help reduce the burden during this time.”

The expansion will allow for additional services and capacity and provide much-needed space through the construction of a second floor and renovation of the first floor. Ressler feels that having a facility like the Bismarck Cancer Center in our area is a huge benefit. “Cancer is being handled more often as a chronic disease today, and people may require treatment more frequently,” he says. “Facilities like the Bismarck Cancer Center help reduce many of the burdens that come with cancer, which allows people to concentrate on their care.” 

Puklich Chevrolet Donates $100,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign

Puklich Chevrolet has raised thousands of dollars for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation over the years.  They recently went above and beyond once again and pledged $100,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Cancer Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Campaign.  

General Manager, Elyse Puklich, says their business wanted to help with the Cancer Center’s expansion and feels it is a huge benefit for Bismarck and surrounding communities. “The Bismarck Cancer Center requires more space to help Bismarck and our local communities,” she says, “When faced with cancer, it’s nice to be at home when receiving your treatment surrounded by family and friends.”

Puklich Chevrolet also raised a whopping $40,000 this fall during their 6th annual Spook Out Cancer event where they donated $100 for each car they sold in October, held an online silent auction and trunk-or-treat. This money helps with wrap-around services such as patient housing, gas cards, massage therapy, spiritual counseling, dietary counseling, and more.  So, when they heard about the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Capital Campaign and the need for the expansion and new equipment, they knew they wanted to help.  Puklich feels that helping in the fight against cancer is an important legacy for their business to leave. “Everyone knows someone affected by cancer and it’s important to help people in our region,” Puklich says. “This keeps with our North Dakota values of helping people.”

The ‘Puklich Chevrolet’ name will be proudly placed on the High Dose Radiation (HDR) treatment room in the newly renovated Bismarck Cancer Center once the project is complete. 

BNC National Bank Donates $25,000 to Capital Campaign for ‘Best Cancer Care in the Business’

BNC National Bank is passionate about having ‘state-of-the-art’ cancer care in Bismarck and recently pledged $25,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Cancer Center’s ‘Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign’. 

Senior Commercial Lender and Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Board member, John Evanson, says BNC is happy to help with the project. “The BNC National Bank family is honored to make a financial contribution to aid in the Bismarck Cancer Center’s expansion.  The staff at the Bismarck Cancer Center is the best in the business and the facility and equipment upgrades will give them the additional resources needed to provide the best cancer care possible.”

The Bismarck Cancer Center is a joint collaboration of both Sanford Health and CHI St. Alexius Health for the betterment of the community and the people they serve.  BNC appreciates the fact that by coming together as the Bismarck Cancer Center, each hospital is committed to keep state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge radiation oncology services locally available to individuals in need.  Evanson says, “The ownership comprised of the two local hospitals is a testament to both in their commitment to provide the most advanced radiation therapy and wrap-around services for the patients and survivors.”

The BNC National Bank name will adorn the new meeting room in the new Bismarck Cancer Center once the project is complete.

Dr. Cole and Carly Kreofsky give $25,000 to the Capital Campaign

Giving towards a mission’ brings home a different message. One of Bismarck Cancer Center’s Radiation Oncologists, Dr. Cole Kreofsky, and his wife, Carly, want to see the long-term rewards from investing locally in the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign and say the mission of the Cancer Center is the biggest reason.

The mission of the Bismarck Cancer Center is to make locally available the highest quality, state-of-the-art radiation therapy services to persons with cancer within the Bismarck service area. Such services shall be delivered, insofar as possible, without regard to reimbursement, and always in a supportive, compassionate, and caring manner, and will include needed wrap-around services to both patients and their families, educational services, prevention, and early detection initiatives, and survivorship programs.

“Our patients deserve the best place to receive their cancer care,” Dr. Kreofsky says, “And, an update to the Bismarck Cancer Center facility helps provide the latest in radiotherapy technology, a comfortable and clean environment, and support services that include health education, cancer support groups, access to a social worker, nutrition guidance, and massage therapy.”

The Kreofsky family recently pledged $25,000 to the Cancer Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign and said they feel like the Bismarck Cancer Center is just like ‘family’ to them. This donation will help impact the cancer community for years to come, “The additional space and new treatment machines will provide the latest technology in radiotherapy,” says Dr. Kreofsky, “Allowing patients from North Dakota access to great cancer care without having to travel away from their homes and families.”

Basin Electric: Pledges $100,000 to the Bismarck Cancer Center Capital Campaign

When hearing about the Bismarck Cancer Center’s expansion and Capital Campaign, the Basin Electric Power Cooperative team knew they wanted to donate to the cause.  As a cooperative, Basin Electric’s core values have always consisted of a strong commitment to the community.  And, because of this commitment, Basin’s CEO, Paul Sukut, said they decided to give back financially to the Bismarck Cancer Center, “One way we live out our community commitment is by giving back,” he says, “When we saw how we could help the Bismarck Cancer Center, we knew we wanted to support them and all they do for the community.”

Basin knew their financial support of $100,000 would make a big difference not only to the Bismarck community but the region.  The expansion will provide much-needed space by constructing a second floor and renovation of the first floor.  Sukut says they are proud to be part of the Campaign, and it’s nice to know there’s state-of-the-art cancer care close to home, “Cancer has affected all of us in some way.  We appreciate the wrap-around care that Bismarck Cancer Center provides for individuals and families going through cancer treatments.  We all hope to never need the Bismarck Cancer Center, but it’s nice to know that if we do, we have top care right here in Bismarck.”  

The Basin Electric Power Cooperative name will be placed on the ‘Family Meeting Rooms’ after the renovation is complete.  

Dave and Angella Wald support the Capital Campaign with a $25,000 Donation

Donating to the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Capital Campaign was important to Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board member David Wald and wife, Angella, because battling cancer hits close to home. They have had multiple friends and family members who have fought cancer over the years, and some are still battling the disease. David says that the Bismarck Cancer Center has been a ray of light for them in their darkest days, “I remember how important not only the technology is, but also how important the people are that treat these patients,” he says, “We donated to the Capital Campaign because we want to help that light shine a little brighter for someone going through the fight of their life.”

Wald is a financial advisor for Securian Financial in Mandan, and he and Angella feel that having a state-of-the-art cancer facility this close to home is a huge benefit to the Bismarck community, “The Bismarck Cancer Center is important to me because I believe it is important to have such a facility located in central ND,” says Wald, “ If we can have a great treatment facility right here in our community, people have more access to treatments that otherwise would only be obtainable by traveling out of state to a treatment center.”  David and Angella’s name will adorn the new Bismarck Cancer Center’s massage room, which is one of the many wrap-around services covered by the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.

Western Coop Credit Union – Capital Campaign Donation

A big thank you to Western Coop Credit Union, whose nine locations are scattered throughout western North Dakota! They recently pledged $25,000 towards the Cancer Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign. 

Western Coop’s marketing director, Holly Steier, is a member of the Capital Campaign committee. She says the need for cutting edge cancer care in western North Dakota is a big reason for Western Coop Credit Union’s ongoing support. “We have had a few of our WCCU family or their family members that have experienced the Bismarck Cancer Center’s compassionate and caring staff,” she says, “We know how important it is to keep the Cancer Center going in our region so patients and their families won’t have to travel so far. The new expansion will benefit not only the patients but also the staff by making it more comfortable, and the extra equipment will help more patients in the future.”

One of the brand new exam rooms will be named after Western Coop Credit Union once the expansion is complete. 

Dakota Community Bank & Trust Supports Capital Campaign

Dakota Community Bank has been one of the Bismarck Cancer Center’s most prominent supporters over the years and 2020 has been no exception. They recently pledged $250,000 towards the Cancer Center’s Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign. The Dakota Community Bank name will soon adorn the new conference room at the clinic once the expansion is complete.

According to bank president and Bismarck Cancer Centers Foundation Advisory Board member, Dale Pahlke, their donation will support a cause that is much needed in the Bismarck community. “This will help many people in our state and neighboring states as the Bismarck Cancer Center brings the finest radiation treatment to our area,” he says, “It has helped improve quality of life, length of life, and saved lives of citizens in Bismarck/Mandan and the surrounding area.”

The Bismarck Cancer Center started the Capital Campaign this fall and has raised nearly $1 million from outside donations. The Bismarck Cancer Center’s expansion will consist of new exam rooms, a special procedure room, an expanded massage therapy room, a large conference room for education and support groups, two family counseling rooms, a new HDR (High Dose Rate Brachytherapy) suite, and expanded patient registration space.

With cancer cases on the rise, Pahlke feels now is the time to make the Cancer Center bigger and better for years to come, “As the Bismarck Cancer Center gets busier with more cancer patients, the expansion will help the Bismarck Cancer Center provide high-quality radiation cancer treatment to more and more people who are suffering from cancer.”

Capital Campaign Donors

ABC Seamless of Bismarck
AGRI-Cover Inc
American Bank Center
Ameriprise Financial
Andy & Karin Mongeon
Andy & Kristy Hager
Annese Bren
Apex Engineering Group, Inc.
Ardell Horob
Barbara & Steve Andrist
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Big Muddy CrossFit & Trivia Tour
Bill & Marilyn Wilson
Bill and Lisa Bauman
Billie Ann Caya
Bismarck Sign Company
BNC National Bank
BNI Energy
Bob & Deb Colton 
Bob & Jill Wiese
Bonnie Sundby
Boyd & Chantel Southam
Bradley & Judy Charnholm
Brady Martz & Associates
Brandon and Ellen Holt
Brandon Wangler
Bremer Bank
Candice & Kevin Benz
Capital City Construction, Inc.
Carly & Cole Kreofsky
Carol Hattel
Caroleene Jorgensen
Chuck & Carol Iten
Cindy Schaaf
Claire and Elaine Olson
Clarence & Mae Hoffer
Cloverdale Foods Company
Corey & Andrea Doerr-Greff
Cornerstone Bank
Cottingham Insurance
CW Structural Engineers
Dakota Community Bank & Trust
Dakota Eye Institute
Dale & Shannon Ely
Dale Pahlke
Darlene Hopfinger
Darrell & Donna Dihle
Dave & Emily Kilber
David & Angella Wald
David & Virginia Ceynar
David Nygaard
Deb & Joe Leingang
DeGree Construction 
Dennis & Cecilia Colling
Dennis & Vonnie Johnson
Diane & Darrell Cuskelly
Don Grinsteiner
Dona Enebo
Doug & Amy Remboldt
Doug & Kay Schmidt
Doug & Patricia Moen
Dr. Doug & Barb Berglund
Dr. Kubsad & Karen Kubsad
Dr. Robert Reynolds & Nathaniel Fox
Du Wayne & Violet Zachmeier
Duane Aman
Duey & Char Marthaller
Duey Johnson
Dvorak Motors
Dwane Getzlaff
E. Diane Laub
Eide Bailly
Emma Melling
Eric & Andrea Kilzer
Farmers Union Insurance
First International Bank & Trust
Fisher Industries
Franklin & Muriel Soule
Gene Dockter
Give 5 to Cancer
Gordonna Toepke
Grace Lauinger
Grady & Margo Wolf
Herb & Shirley Schreiner
Holly Steier
HUB International
Hugh & Audrey Jacobson
Jack & Kristen Paris
James Karn
Jan Hoge
Jay Risk
Jean Durick
Jean Kautzman
Jeff & Jen Hansen
Jeff & Kate Hanson
Jeff & Patty Mathisen
Jeff and Melanie Beauchamp
Jennifer Weber
Jerry & Karan Ehlers
Jo Marie Sellner
Joan Johnson
Joan Kelsch
John & Marne Evanson
John and Patti Watkins
John Martinson
John R. Sakariassen
Jon & Sara Kelsch
Jon & Shirley Snider
Julia Ritterbush
Justin & Charity Rogstad
K & H Electric, Inc
Kalindi Brandvik
Kathleen Maier 
Keith & Karen Schindler – Dr. Katie Schindler Prins Memorial
Ken & Laurie Hammeren
Kenneth Jarolimek
Kirk & Donna Cristy
Kirsten McIntyre
Krause’s Market
Larry & Kathleen Gessele
Larry & Sarah Frei
Launi Schaar
Laura Wehri
Leann Benson
Leann Dilse
Leo Schmidt
Lolly & Barry Dutton
Lorraine Phernetton
Marc & Corina Larson
Mark & Claudia Thompson
Mark & Jan Kamphuis
Mark & Kari Assel
Mark & Mary Nygard
Mark Berg
Mary Weekes
Maryann Widmer
Matt & Amanda Ihmels
Matt and Rebecca Fricke
McQuade Distributing, Inc.
MDU Resources Foundation
Mechanics Plus
Melissa Klein
Metal Arts & Corral Sales
Michael & Nikki Sigler
Michael & Sandra Ranum
Michael Hoffart
Michael Lantz
Michael W. Wolf Family
Midway Lanes Inc.
Mike & Amy Gross
Mike & Emily Bormann
Mike & LuAnn Hanson
Mike & Renee Daffinrud
Mike & Shawn Deisz
Mr. Isakson Isakson
Mylo & Kathy Kramer
Neil & Doris Buchholz
Nicolette Gietzen
Otto & Janet Reile
Outdoor Services Inc.
Patrick & Doreen Brown
Paul & Nancy Morth
Paul Everson
Paul Stubbs
Puklich Chevrolet
Quality Inn, Comfort Inn & Mainstay Suites
Randy & Deb Reimer
Ray Hegle
Raymond Magstadt
Rhonda Mahlum
Rita Weisz
Ritterbush-Ellig-Hulsing P.C.
Robert & Bonnie Johnson
Robert & Joelle Fruh
Roger & Betty Becker
Roger & Cherie Krueger
Ron & Maxine Rugland
Ron, Harvey, Dalles, & Russell Schneider
Rosemary Werner
Rusty & Hillary Makelky
Ryan & Janelle Heinsohn
Ryan Parsons
Salon Lisa G / Lisa Guenther
Sam & Kelsee Wagner
Schmitz-Holmstrom, LLP
Scott & Dana Hager
Scott & Jill Becher
Scott & Robbin Schwindt
Scott & Susan Johnson
Scott & Tina Wetzel
Shelly & Donald Wanek
Stanley Hanewald
Starion Bank
Steven Sathre
Storm Insurance Agency LLC
Swenson,Hagen & Co
Ted & Sheri Uecker
Terrance W. & Zanne Ness
The Rickel Family
Thomas & Patty Smrekar
Tim Bitz
Tom & Arlene Meissel
Townsquare Media
Travis & Angie Svihovec
Troy & Linn Zander
Tyler & Tara Schilke
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Wayne & Terry Beutler
Wayne Triska
Western Cooperative Credit Union
Western Steel & Plumbing