Radiation Therapists

The radiation therapy department consists of a team of radiation therapists who administer daily radiation treatments under the supervision of a Radiation Oncologist.  They maintain daily treatment records and provide extensive quality assurance on the treatment machines to ensure they are working properly.

The radiation therapy team works together with the physicians, medical physicist, dosimetrist, and nurses to care for the patient and the potential side effects from treatment. As part of a medical radiation oncology team, radiation therapists use machines called linear accelerators to administer radiation to patients throughout their treatment plan. 

Radiation therapists have daily contact with patients during the course of their treatment, educating them about treatment and potential radiation side effects. The radiation therapist helps monitor and observe each patient’s clinical progress and emotional needs – referring the patients to physicians, nurses or social service professionals when necessary. Radiation therapists are responsible for accurately recording, interpreting  and administering the treatment prescribed by the Radiation Oncologist.

Melissa, Radiation Therapy Manager

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2006
Previous Experience: Coastal Radiation Oncology (Salinas, CA), Roger Maris Cancer Center (Fargo)
Education: University of Mary, St. Alexius, and University of Minnesota Radiation Therapy School

First motivated to work in the field while working as an x-ray student, Melissa held a rotation with BCC, where she enjoyed her work very much. It was during this time that Melissa grew to love the one-on-one time she spent with patients – who appreciated her so much. She cherishes the time a patient crocheted crosses for staff; she still has hers. Melissa feels grateful to be part of the BCC staff and finds it rewarding to help walk patients through their cancer journey.

Melissa’s most memorable experiences happen each year at Applefest, where staff organize and carry out several events. The event allows staff an opportunity to greet cancer survivors as well as encourage them to mingle or participate in the Survivor Ice Cream Celebration – a celebration of survivorship.

Margo, Lead Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2011
Previous Experience: Lake Cumberland Cancer Treatment Center (Somerset, KY)
Education: B.S. in Biology, emphasis in ecology & evolutionary biology from Minnesota State University Moorhead; A.S. in Radiation Therapy from Argosy University, Eagan MN

I decided to switch careers and make the transition from Wildlife Biology into Radiation Therapy while working in Missouri.  I felt a need to work with people and yet fulfill my love of science. I found radiation therapy and instantly fell in love with the relationships made with patients as well as the technology and advances made yearly. Growing up in small town ND, I knew I wanted to eventually end up here to be near family. BCC is a special place and really stands out from other facilities. It encompasses all that is good and every person that walks through these doors are treated with the best possible care.  I am truly grateful to work here and love being a part of this team. 

Kari, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2003
Previous Experience: Unimed (Minot), Altru (Grand Forks), Trinity (Minot) and St. Alexius
Education: University of Mary, Mayo Clinic School of Radiation Therapy

Kari first became motivated to work in the cancer field to help people with the utmost of compassion as well as to be able to use her skills in science, math and technology to treat them. Her patients ultimately motivate her. She enjoys working with some of the world’s best technology at Bismarck Cancer Center as well as with a mix of the best people in the field of oncology; additionally, she finds the foundation a wonderful support to the BCC patients. Kari’s favorite memories at BCC include the heartwarming moments of working Applefest.

Janet, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 1998
Education: Sanford X-ray technology school, School of Radiation therapy at Topeka, Kansas

Janet first became motivated to work in the cancer field after her mother passed away from cancer when Janet was only 16 years old. Her favorite part of working at Bismarck Cancer Center is getting to know the patients on a personal level and she also enjoys her great co-workers. Janet’s favorite memory of Bismarck Cancer was years back when they would have ‘hurry up summer days’ in the winter and staff would dress up in summer attire, haul a swimming pool and sand into the facility.

Samantha, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2021
Education: B.S in Radiologic Technology from Minot State University, Sanford Radiology Program- Bismarck, ND; Radiation Therapy from Mitchell Technical College, Mitchell, SD

Samantha was motivated to job shadow at the BCC after having family members go through radiation treatments and hearing how much they appreciated their radiation therapists. During her job shadow, she fell in love with the field and BCC after watching how caring and passionate every member of the staff was about their jobs. Samantha started to volunteer at the BCC during college which just reaffirmed her schooling and the path she was on; she knew she wanted to work at the Bismarck Cancer Center in the future and be a part of an amazing team.

Samanta says she loves the continued learning and experiences that she has at the center every day. She is proud to be a  part of the care given to our patients, and being a part of their cancer journey is something she doesn’t take light


Hillary, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2013
Previous Experience: Rad Tech in Billings, MT.
Education: B.S. in Radiologic technology from University of Mary and a B.A.S. in radiation therapy from Mayo Clinic/University of Minnesota.

Hillary completed a job-shadow at BCC while she was in college, and it made her decide that radiation therapy was the right career for her. She always knew that if she ever came back to North Dakota, BCC would be the place she would work, and she was overjoyed when she was hired here. She loves meeting each of the patients and helping them through their cancer journey, and she’s proud to work with an amazing group of people.

Holli, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2014
Previous Experience: Avera Flandreau Hospital, SD; Sandford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD
Education: B.S from NDSU, Fargo; Sandford School of Radiology, Sioux Falls, SD; and University of Minnesota Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN

Holli enjoys being in a career that allows her to help individuals through their cancer journey. Therapists spend a lot of time with patients and their families during treatment, and the relationships that she develops with these individuals motivates Holli and makes her feel like a critical part of their support network.

Kirsten, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2022
Education: B.S. in Radiologic Technology from Minot State University, Trinity School of Radiologic Technology, B.S. in Radiation Therapy from St. Catherine University

Kirsten is happy to be back exploring in Bismarck and loves working at the Bismarck Cancer Center. Her favorite party is being able to provide quality treatment and patient care for the region with an excellent team. 

their cancer journey is something she doesn’t take lightly.

Katelyn, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2019
Previous Experience: BCC is Katelyn’s first job out of college
Education: North Dakota State University, Radiation Therapy Program, Mayo Clinic 

Katelyn enjoys getting to know more about each indivudial and their family members with each treatment they come in for. Her favoite event at Bismarck Cancer Center is Project HOPE! She loves getting to dress up each day and enjoys seeing the support of the buiness community.

In her spare time, Katelyn enjoys spending time with her family, having game nights and BBQ’s in the summer time.


Dana, Radiation Therapist

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2023
Education: Bachelors of Science in Radiologic Technology from the University of Mary in Bismarck and Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Radiation Therapy from the University of Minnesota/Mayo School of Health Sciences – Credentials are: BSRT (R) (T) 

Dana comes to BCC with over 18 years of experience, Mayo Clinic – Rochester MN, Mayo Clinic – Northfield, MN, Roger Maris – Sanford Fargo ND , and Essentia Health in Fargo ND. Dana enjoys helping patients through a time that can be scary or difficult and making their day just a little easier and brighter. 


Jennifer, CT Sim Tech

Started at Bismarck Cancer Center: 2022
Education: B.S in Radiologic Technology from North Dakota State University; Sanford School of Radiology – Sioux Falls, SD

Jennifer enjoys connecting and building relationships with the patients she sees at the Cancer Center. She feels this job allows her to make a difference in the community while creating a positive environment for those individuals impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

When Jen’s not at work, you can find her traveling, snowboarding, or playing with her ‘fur baby’.

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