Everyday Hero Campaign for New Treatment Machine

by | March 10th, 2022 | News

Honor a Hero by donating in support of all the Bismarck Cancer Center Heroes whose mission is to care for individuals on their cancer journey!

Make a difference through the Bismarck Cancer Center’s Everyday Hero Campaign. Join this one-of-a-kind campaign to help fund a treatment machine and give daily healing and hope to individuals who receive treatment within our walls.

All donors who pledge to give a new pledge of $1,000, within the upcoming year, towards the Healing for Today, Building Hope for Tomorrow Capital Campaign will receive the Everyday Hero award, get their names displayed within the treatment room, and provide healing for tomorrow.

Patients often tell us how happy they are to ring the bell and complete treatment, but how much they will miss coming to the Cancer Center every day to see the faces and friends they have made along the way. With the Everyday Hero Campaign, we invite you to become part of the relationships and connections made at the Bismarck Cancer Center.

Leave your gift of hope and become an Everyday Hero by helping fund a new treatment machine at the Bismarck Cancer Center.