Care Given at the Bismarck Cancer Center

by | February 9th, 2022 | News

The Bismarck Cancer Center utilizes Press Ganey to achieve real impact and turn patient surveys into insight and care-driven transformations.

When you’re a patient at the Bismarck Cancer Center, you might be asked to complete a survey through Press Ganey. Press Ganey is a well-known business partner who helps us collect data from those we serve to transform the care experience and keep our patients’ care a priority. Many changes seen at the clinic directly result from the feedback we’ve received through these surveys! Your opinion matters and shapes the Cancer Center for the future.

The 3rd quarter survey results are in, and our staff is happy with the results. Our #1 priority is our patients and their experience at the Cancer Center. Every day, everything we do has our patients and their experience in mind. We are proud to receive a 98.17% for the care given at the Bismarck Cancer Center, and we strive daily to make sure we are meeting the community’s expectations!