BCCF Transportation Assistance

by | May 26th, 2020 | News

Kristina and her son, Payson

BCCF Transportation Assistance

It was hard enough to deal with the news that she had breast cancer, but driving back and forth every day from Dickinson to Bismarck for the treatment Kristina Overlie needed, would be a financial burden for her family. She was still working part-time throughout her radiation therapy, so staying at the Bismarck Cancer Center’s patient apartments weren’t an option. “I was only working 1/2 days so I wasn’t receiving my full paycheck,” said Kristina, “I’m not sure I could have afforded to drive back and forth without gas cards from the Bismarck Cancer Center.”

Whether you can get to your cancer treatment because of cost, shouldn’t be a hurdle for those going through treatment. The extra costs of transportation for cancer treatment or a loss of family income may make it hard for families to pay their mortgage or rent on time. All of these trips take time and require money to pay for the gasoline. That’s why the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Transportation Assistance Program exists. The Foundation provides those going through cancer treatment at the Bismarck Cancer Center with gas cards to pay a portion of the fuel needed to get to treatment. “Receiving the gas cards helped me tremendously with the expense of driving from Dickinson to Bismarck every day for radiation treatment,” said Kristina, “I appreciate all the help I received.”

To make a donation to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation to help with transportation needs and other patient support services visit:  https://www.bismarckcancercenter.com/donate-today/ or call 701-222-6100 for more information.