The Bismarck Cancer Center (BCC) allows patients in our area to receive state-of-the-art cancer treatment and caring support while staying close to home and loved ones. We have a highly-skilled and compassionate team of radiation therapists, medical physicists, nurses and dosimetrists working with your radiation oncologist to care for you during your treatment.
Amy Gross, Executive Director
Directors Notes- Spring 2019


  As we prepare for our 20th year at Bismarck Cancer Center, it seems fitting to express a big heartfelt thank you to the thousands of people who have contributed their time, talent, and resources over the years. Your many acts of kindness and selfless ways of caring are an inspiration to those of us privileged to help in the battle against cancer here in Bismarck.

   The Bismarck Cancer Center treated its first patient on October 13, 1999 with a mission of providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art radiation therapy services to people within the Bismarck Service area. As I reflect over the last 20 years, I am honored that so many people have chosen to receive their care at BCC. Our “best-in-class” accelerators, software and equipment, coupled with our highly professional and compassionate staff, work hand-in-hand to give residents of our region the ability to access world-class radiation services. We know lives are being saved and quality of life improved. Your part in making that a reality is greatly appreciated. Most importantly, we are privileged to serve an ever-increasing number of patients in fulfillment of our mission. Because of our growing clinic needs, we are excited to announce that BCC has hired a third physician.

   Dr. John Watkins will be joining Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Kreofsky in April 2019. Dr. Watkins served as a radiation oncologist at the Bismarck Cancer Center from 2010 to 2014 at which time he moved out-of-state for his wife’s neonatology residency. We are excited to have Dr. Watkins join the BCC family once again!

   As I think about how much we’ve accomplished, I can’t help but be excited for what’s to come. With your continued support we look forward to the next 20 years.

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