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Linn Zander, BCC
Bountiful REI's


Bountiful REI’s is a business that specializes in Native American art and clothing with a goal of spreading the message of family and hope for families who are affected by cancer. Bill Brein, the founder and owner of Bountiful REI’s, lost his wife, Geri Rei, this past May after a four year battle with cancer. He wants to make sure Geri’s spirit lives on through Bountiful REI’s, “Geri was so full of love and even in her pain and suffering her mind was always on the needs of helping others.” Each piece of art for Bountiful REI’s was done at a certain time throughout her cancer journey and it explains what their family was going through at that particular time.  Each piece tells a story about struggle, survival, suffering, love, hope, faith, and family through art.

Bountiful REI’s main purpose is to raise cancer awareness and address the many needs that families face when a loved one is fighting cancer and Bill is donating partial proceeds to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. He wants to help those who are battling cancer, “Cancer not only affects the person who has the disease, but it also affects the entire family. We want to help those who are in need like we were when we went through our journey.” And, Bill and his family want to keep Geri’s spirit alive through their giving, “Geri made many lasting friendships beyond this life for one simple reason: she loved with all she had.”

According to Bill, Native American art is highly expressive through the use of symbols and imagery and it stirs the mind and soul. Their culture and traditions are brought to light through storytelling, song, dance, ceremonies, language, and art. “The underlying dimension in Native American culture is family and the dimension of family is highly represented in and through Native American art,” said Bill, “That dimension of family is represented in and through Bountiful REI’s.” Bountiful REI’s will continue in memory of Geri and in honor of all those who continue on their own cancer journey. To support this wonderful cause visit Bountiful REI at:  

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