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Breast Cancer Treatment Options

Ask a Pro - w/ Dr. Cole Kreofsky, Radiation Oncologist, Bismarck Cancer Center                                              

Q:  I am 52-years-old and was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  My best friend had a mastectomy last year, but is this my only surgical option?

A:  There are several approaches to the treatment of breast cancer, depending on the cancer’s type and stage.  Many women with early-stage cancer can choose between a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery (BCS), which is more commonly called a lumpectomy or partial mastectomy.  Generally, most women who choose a lumpectomy also receive radiotherapy, which reduces the chance of the cancer returning in that breast.   

After the cancerous tissue is removed during a lumpectomy, radiotherapy is used to sterilize any cancer cells that may remain so that they can’t multiply.  Radiotherapy can be given in two ways: treatment of the whole breast (3-4 weeks) or partial breast irradiation/ or brachytherapy (only 1 week of treatment for those who have the most favorable tumors). 

 Long term studies have shown that for early-stage breast cancer, performing a lumpectomy plus radiotherapy, gives women the same cancer control AND survival outcomes as a total mastectomy.  Early-stage breast cancer remains highly curable and women should be comfortable with the treatment they receive.    

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