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Linn Zander
A Little Girl with a Big Heart

Many kids save up their money to buy themselves a new toy or a treat.  But, one amazing little girl from Washburn, recently gave all the money she had raised to help those battling cancer.  

   Three-year-old Paula Anderson said the reason she wants to help raise money for the Bismarck Cancer Center is, “Because I don’t want people to die from cancer.”  She came to the Cancer Center every day with her Grandma Nicki Daub, for almost two months when she was going through radiation treatment for lung cancer. Unfortunately, her Grandmother lost her battle with cancer, but the memories are still there for Paula.  According to her mom, Haley, even though Paula was very young during her Grandmother’s cancer treatment, she knows that her daughter still remembers her experience at the Bismarck Cancer Center, “She just said today when we drove down State Street, ‘Remember when we went to eat at the Woodhouse with Grandma Nicki, when we were here for her cancer?’”

   Haley explains, “Paula wanted to raise money to help other people fighting cancer like her Grandma, so we started looking for fundraisers on the computer.”  They found the Usborne Books fundraiser, where selling boxes of greeting cards earns you money back.  “Paula would ask our family and friends, ‘Will you bring me money for cancer?’  She was hard to say no to,” her mom says with a laugh.  In December, Paula presented the Bismarck Cancer Center with $626 she had raised for the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.  This money will help with patient housing, gas cards, dietary counseling, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, survivorship counseling and much more.  And, according to Haley, her mom used a couple of these services when she was a patient at BCC, “My mom was at peace when she passed away and the spiritual counseling with Deb really helped her.  She loved it at the Bismarck Cancer Center.“  

   When Paula isn’t fundraising for a purpose, she enjoys things that most three year olds do, including playing with her little sister, Sarah.  “I like riding bike, playing with my kitties, and playing with my ‘Mr. Bucket’ game,” Paula says.  And, her mom and dad, Brandon, couldn’t be prouder, “She’s so smart and way ahead of her age.  We are so proud of her.”  The Bismarck Cancer Center shares the same sentiment and Executive Director, Amy Gross expressed her gratitude, “Many of our employees remember little Paula when she would come in with her Grandma for treatment.  But, today she was back at the Bismarck Cancer Center with a different purpose.  Paula brought us a donation to help our cancer patients through their treatment.  Words cannot describe what this means to us.”  

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